Confessions of a Bookaholic

Confessions of a Bookaholic
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Confessions of a Bookaholic

Questions & Answers

Well, how do I begin, here goes, I am Emris and I just absolutely love all things book related, you could say I am a complete addict.

 What attracts me to books?

Well, have you ever been to a bookstore and took a deep breath? The aroma is delicious, that’s no joke, I love the scent of new books and oh my, when you look a the covers I wish I could just buy them all.

 What do I hate about books?

I really hate when others mistreat a brand new book by giving it ‘dog ears’, allowing food specks on it and oil; I mean, come on man, it changes the pristine look and feel of the book. I hate lending my books and have them come back in that form, If that happens, I would usually lend it to someone else and tell them to keep it.

 Why would I call myself a bookaholic?

Ah, you got me there, how do I answer that, let’s see, this is coming straight from my heart and it’s the absolute truth, no lies. I love books, the smell of a new book, the sexy book covers and to clinch it those tantalizing synopsis I can’t resist a good-looking book with deep storylines. Get this, when I’m reading a good book nobody bothers me and I absolutely have to finish it, most times I’m up to 3 sometimes 4 in the morning because I couldn’t wait till the next day to see what happens.

Do you have a special time to read?

What special time are you talking about? I read once I have books and I read whenever I want; it could be morning, noon or night, anytime is reading time for me as long as the book is good I read it, you could say I’m an all-rounder, I read anytime.

Isn’t that a bit extreme?

Are you kidding me? It’s actually normal for me, I don’t think that’s extreme, I think it’s fun,

But why, you ask?

Why do you think? It’s simply fun and there is this ‘need to know’ urge, I must know what happens next.

I buy and collect free books, right now I own over four thousand E-books and counting and yes I read most genres for my personal pleasure, except MM, FF and Menage, they are not my taste.

       Why ?  

I’m not too comfortable reading them, that’s all. 

So what do I mean if that’s all?

Well, I’ll have you know that a good book to me is like a premium bottle of wine or aged scotch if you know what I mean. When you take a sip you must feel the smoothness and the richness; it must capture your imagination and transfer you to the destination or world the story is based.  

I am not bashing anyone with their freedom of choice, it’s just not my style. 

How much of those four thousand books have I read so far?

 If we are really dealing with numbers it’s hard to say because  I delete them from the reader once I’m done reading. I do know I bought some books and haven’t read them yet.

Want to hear another secret? I keep adding books every day, free ones and those I buy as well. As you can see I am a pure addict and I love it because I am one of those controlled addicts.

 Why do I consider adding new books to the pile every day?

That’s just fun, look at it this way, when I go on the Kindle store all I see running down are these beautiful covers or when I go on my calibre app and I see those book covers with their synopsis they are just too much for me to resist. So why not join me and get lost in the world of books, you would get to travel the world without leaving your home, even go to other planets and dimension. So come, give it a go, books are very intoxicating and fun.

 What is my style?

Well how can I put this, I am a total romantic which is why I adore historical romances and all romance books with solid and interesting storylines.  I even recently fell in love with paranormal romance, although I have read a couple paranormal romance books before, I wasn’t endeared to them, in my opinion, the romantic vibe was missing, and no I’m not talking about the explicit sexual content,those to me are just kinky books and I don’t do kinky. I also love sci-fi books, sci-fi romance, and let me not forget a good western, I adore louis l’amour, Zane Grey and a couple others like Oliver Strange and his sudden series.

Now I could go on and on but that’s why I didn’t give names for the historical and other romances, or we would be here forever. But hold up, I’m not finished yet, I’m also a lover of good action packed thrillers and even more so those with a little spicy romance mixed in, not just sex, you see just sex alone takes the fun away.

I’m quite drawn into some of those cozy mysteries, even though I’m not into erotica that doesn’t mean I don’t like my books hot and spicy, as long as it has style, I’m good. Similar to those Viola Grace writes, she has some really nice series that I like, such as Tales of the citadel, Terran times, Sector guards and Terran times second wave, I like them, they aren’t too shabby.

      Why her ? she writes erotica

Why off course she writes erotica, but that doesn’t mean I read them, look at Touching water, it’s a clean read, so there.

Why those series?

I guess I’m a sucker for a good ending.  

 Is there anything else ?

You could laugh out loud if this one amuses you because I don’t care. I absolutely love children books, yeah I read them with a smile because they are so cute and some of the stories are hilarious while being educative. I’m also a  fan of YA and fantasy, there are some absolute gems out there, and the crafters of these gems are awesome.  

I also read non-fictions as well and there really are some folks with a story to tell. I also read educative books, heck, I read everything that interests me, such as some very creative Christian authors and their books, very inspiring and yes they do have romance in them.

Aren’t Non-Fictions boring?

Weren’t you listening to a word I said, I don’t do boring, I choose my reads well. Okay, some may not be as exciting as I am accustomed to , but boring?  nah!

I also love reading the good word.

The good word, are you one of those people?

Well, I’ll be, yes I’m one of those people.


That’s it, no more, I’m tired, I’m going and read a good book, Laterz.

If we share any of the same little dirty secrets, comment below and let me know, I would love to hear from you.

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