Book Review Submission

Emris loves to read and review books to share the wonders of books with the rest of the world. She provides a FREE book review service where she reads and reviews any genre of books excluding Erotic and Pornographic, M&M , F&F , ménage à trois or any other books with high sexual activity.

She only posts reviews that are 3 and above, if your book deserves a 2 or 1-star rating she would send you a private message with information about what was wrong. This would give the authors a chance to improve on the book and resend it.

The books will be reviewed under the names

Emris Lindsay, Emerald Lindsay or Kerlan London

Reviews are posted here on her blog, on facebook, on twitter , on Amazon, on Goodreads and on Barnes and Noble .

Emris reserves the right to reject any book she sees fit.

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